Installment loans: It’s not always the right choice

With the installment loan, you borrow once (upfront) and repay as scheduled. Mortgages and car loans are typical home equity loans. Your payment is calculated using the loan balance, interest rate and time when you have to repay the loan. These loans can be short-term loans or long-term loans, such as a 30-year mortgage.

Simple and stable

Simple and stable

Payments in installments are usually regular (for example, make the same payment every month).

Credit card payments, by contrast, may vary: you only pay if you used the card, and the necessary payment can vary significantly depending on how much you have recently spent.

In many cases, payments on fixed loans are fixed, meaning they do not change at all from month to month. This makes it easy to plan ahead because your monthly payment will always be the same. With floating rate loans, the interest rate can change over time, so your payment will change along with the rate.

With each payment, you reduce your credit balance and pay interest. These costs are paid into the calculation of your payment when the credit is made in a process known as depreciation.

Installment loans are the easiest to understand because they are very small changes after you set them up, especially if you have a fixed-rate loan.

You know (more or less) how much a budget is for each month. However, if you make extra payments (for example, with a large lump sum), you may be able to reduce your renamed payments.

To calculate your payments, use a loan amortization calculator or learn how to do the math manually.

Loan loans and loans

Loan loans and loans

Using a loan can help your credit. A healthy mix of different types of debt tends to lead to the highest credit scores, and installment loans should be part of that mix.

These loans suggest that you are a convened lender; if you finance everything with credit cards you probably pay too much.

Don’t go crazy with a war loan; use only what you need. A home loan, student loan, and maybe a car loan are satisfied. Some installment loans can hurt your credit. If you use financial businesses (for example, in your own institutions or retail stores), your credit scores are likely to fall.

War and payday loans


In recent years, home loan loans have become popular with borrowers who have bad credit. These loans are offered at lending stores and advertised as a way to get out of the short-term cash crisis. Unfortunately, they are often almost as expensive as day-to-day loans.

If you are looking at a loan for less than a year, be careful. There is a good chance that it is an expensive group loan, and you can probably do better with a personal loan from your bank or credit union.

If you cannot qualify for a loan from a traditional bank or credit union, try an online lender or P2P loan – they are often affordable and easier to qualify for. In the end, a loan from a lender may be your only option, but these loans can easily lead to problems.

Look out for high-interest rates and additional products, such as insurance, that you may not need.


On the bright side, some payday loans are more friendly than payday loans, even if you get a loan from a payday loan store. Installment loans can help build a loan if your payment is reported to the credit bureaus (and then you can stop using the shops to pay off the loan). Moreover, you are gradually making regular payments to pay off the loan, instead of dealing with bubble shock.

That said, if you treat installment loans such as payday loans – if you keep refinancing to extend your repayment deadline – you will find that your debt burden is rising.

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