Instant loan with no fixed income

Germany is currently in a good economic situation, the labor market remains stable and the prosperity in this country is very high. Nevertheless, there are first signs that indicate a difficult time, the euro crisis in the countries of southern Europe is worrisome. But there are also currently a large number of people who have a temporary employment contract or who are in temporary or temporary work. An assessment at

So these people do not have a regular income and have to prove themselves again and again. In addition, there are of course unemployed and Hartz IV recipients who are financially worse off. This can become a real dilemma, because things in everyday life suddenly seem priceless.

The children’s school trip, a new heater or a new television can then no longer be afforded. But there are options, namely with an instant loan without a fixed income. How exactly such a loan works is now presented.

An instant loan with no fixed income – an opportunity

An instant loan with no fixed income - an opportunity

Classically, and this is the case for every loan, the bank first carries out a credit check. So-called loan collateral is determined here, which ensures that the installments are repaid. Proof of income is usually also an important criterion for the credit check. But if you don’t have a fixed income, this security disappears in advance.

There are also other forms of collateral, such as the ownership of real estate and houses or shares. If there is also nothing to show here, one should rely on a guarantor who can intervene in the event of payment difficulties of the applicant for his installments.

A guarantor is usually a relative or acquaintance. A clean Credit Bureau is also required when granting the loan. No negative entries may exist in the nationwide uniform database. The general conditions for an instant loan without a fixed income are presented below.

The conditions for such a loan

The conditions for such a loan

If there is adequate collateral, loan amounts of up to EUR 100,000 are possible. If such collateral is lacking, a small loan of up to 5,000 dollars can still be possible. The loan terms can be up to 60 months. The interest rate is also an important factor for the loan.

This can be between 4 and 14 percent and depends heavily on the current market situation. All of these factors ultimately result in the amount of the installment to be repaid monthly. An instant loan without a fixed income is a very fine and pleasant thing. Here people without a fixed income can fulfill the necessary wishes and needs.

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